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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Betoto Both Swahili Owl
Doto Girl African Younger child of...
Hiroto Boy Japanese Big flight
Hotoke Girl Maori Winter
Kiyoto Boy Japanese Noble person
Koto Girl Japanese Harp
Kotone Girl Japanese Sound of the koto
Kotori Girl Japanese Bird of luck
Kotose Girl Japanese Koto and star
Kotoyo Girl Japanese Era of the koto
Loto Both Pacific Is... Heart
Makoto Boy Japanese Sincerity; truth...
Motoe Girl Japanese Fundamental bough
Motogusinile Boy African The first is out
Motoko Girl Japanese Child of the cap...
Motoye Girl Japanese Fundamental bough
Motoyo Girl Japanese Beginning genera...
Naoto Boy Japanese Truthful person
Oto Boy N/A N/A
Otón Boy German Wealth
Otoniel Boy German Wealth
Tototl Boy Aztec Bird