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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Ambrosi Boy Greek Undying, immortal
Ambrosia Girl Greek Immortal
Ambrosina Girl Greek Immortal
Ambrosine Girl Greek Undying, immortal
Ambrosio Boy Greek Undying, immortal
Ambrosios Boy Greek Undying, immortal
Ambrosius Boy Greek Undying, immortal
Angosisye Boy African God sanctified me
Antosia Girl Latin N/A
Cosima Girl Greek Order; universe
Cosimo Boy Greek Order; universe
Dosia Girl Greek God giving
Efrosinya Girl Greek Cheerful
Eudosia Girl Greek Good present
Euphrosine Girl Greek Mirth; merriment
Feodosia Girl Latin Giver of God
Iosif Boy Hebrew He will enlarge
Josia Boy Hebrew The Lord saves
Josiah Boy Hebrew The Lord saves
Josiane Girl Hebrew He will enlarge
Josias Boy Hebrew God will deliver
Josie Girl Hebrew He will enlarge
Josif Boy Hebrew He will enlarge
Leosia Girl Greek Clear, bright
Mosi Both Swahili The first born
Mosiah Boy English N/A
Mposi Boy African Blacksmith
Osías Boy Spanish God is my strength
Osiel Boy Hebrew Might of God
Osiris Boy Ancient Eg... Uncertain, perha...