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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Abelone Girl Latin From Apollo
Alcyone Girl Greek Calm
Alcyoneus Boy Greek Calm
Anemone Girl Greek Wind
Antigone Girl Greek The opposite of ...
Antione Boy Latin N/A
Antonella Girl Latin N/A
Antonette Girl Latin N/A
Apolloneia Girl Greek Like Apollo
Boone Boy French Good
Bronek Boy Polish Protector of glory
Carbonell Boy English Dark-haired
Chionesu Boy African Guiding light; l...
Chonen Boy Hebrew Gracious
Cleone Girl Greek Glory; fame; goo...
Cloone Boy Gaelic Deceitful; flatt...
Clooney Boy Gaelic Deceitful; flatt...
Colonel Boy Italian Column
Coneisha Girl American E... N/A
Dione Girl Latin N/A
Donegan Boy Gaelic Descendant of Do...
Donell Boy Gaelic World rule
Doone Boy Gaelic Descendant of Da...
Ermione Girl Greek Travel
Falconer Boy English Falcon-keeper
Gionet Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Halcyone Girl Greek Calm
Hermione Girl Greek Travel
Hineahuone Girl Maori First woman
Hone Both Hawaiian Sweet, soft; to ...