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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Crisóstomo Boy Greek Golden mouth
Domokos Boy Latin Lord
Giacomo Boy Hebrew Supplanter
Jomo Boy African Flaming spear
Kawaimomona Both Hawaiian The sweet water
Momoe Girl Japanese Peach tree branch
Momoka Girl Japanese A thousand flowers
Momoko Girl Japanese Peach child
Momone Girl Japanese A hundred summits
Momose Girl Japanese A hundred stars
Momoye Girl Japanese Peach tree branch
Momoyo Girl Japanese Peach generation
Omolara Both African Born at the perf...
Omorede Boy African A royal prince
Omorenoniwa... Girl African Not intended to ...
Omorose Girl African My beautiful child
Omosede Girl African A child is more ...
Omosupe Girl African A child is the m...
Pomona Girl Latin Fruit tree
Romola Girl Latin N/A
Romolo Boy Latin N/A
Salomo Boy Hebrew Peace
Salomon Boy Hebrew Peace
Solomon Boy Hebrew Peace
Solomona Boy Hebrew Peace
Somona Girl Hebrew Listening
Tomo Both Japanese Wisdom; knowledge
Tomoaki Boy Japanese Bright wisdom
Tomoe Girl Japanese Friend and bless...
Tomofumi Boy Japanese Wise history