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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Andronicus Boy Greek Conqueror of men...
Anica Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Anice Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Aniceto Boy Greek He who carries o...
Anicho Boy German Ancestor
Annice Girl Greek Chaste
Annick Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Benicio Boy Latin To speak well of...
Berenice Girl Greek Victory bringer
Bernice Girl Greek Victory bringer
Canice Boy N/A Handsome
Chanicka Girl American E... N/A
Danica Girl Slavonic Morning star
Danick Boy Hebrew God is my judge
Domenica Girl Latin Lord
Domenico Boy Latin Lord
Dominic Boy Latin Lord
Dominica Girl Latin Lord
Dominick Boy Latin Lord
Dominicus Boy Latin Lord
Dominiczka Girl Latin Lord
Donnica Girl Slavonic Morning star
Eunice Girl Greek Good victory
Genica Girl American E... N/A
Janica Both Hebrew God is gracious
Janicah Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Janice Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Jaunice Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Jeanice Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Jenica Girl American E... N/A