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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Konner Boy Gaelic Lover of hounds;...
Leonerd Boy German Brave lion
Miner Boy English Miner
Minerva Girl Latin Mind; intellect
Minerve Girl Latin Mind; intellect
Minervia Girl N/A N/A
Ner Boy Hebrew Burning light
Nera Girl Hebrew Burning light
Nérée Boy Greek Water
Nereida Girl Greek Water nymph
Nereis Girl Greek The wet one
Nereus Boy Greek Water
Nergis Girl Turkish Daffodil
Neri Both Hebrew My burning light
Neria Both Hebrew Burning light of...
Neriad Boy Hebrew My light burns f...
Neriah Both Hebrew Burning light of...
Nerida Girl Welsh N/A
Nerina Girl Greek Water
Nérine Girl Greek Water
Nerio Boy Greek Water
Nerissa Girl Greek Sea sprite
Nerit Girl Hebrew Burning light
Neriya Both Hebrew Burning light of...
Nero Boy Latin N/A
Nerwen Girl Literary Man-maiden
Nerys Girl Welsh N/A
Omner Boy English N/A
Rainer Boy Germanic Wise army
Steiner Boy English Dyer