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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Matthias Boy Hebrew Gift of God
Matthieu Boy Hebrew Gift of God
Matthijs Boy Hebrew Gift of God
Mattias Boy Hebrew Gift of God
Mattie Girl German Powerful battler
Matty Boy Hebrew Gift of God
Matvei Boy Hebrew Gift of God
Matylda Girl Germanic Powerful battler
Paramatman Boy Sanskrit The supreme Self
Paramatmika Girl Sanskrit She whose nature...
Ramatulai Girl African N/A
Samata Girl Sanskrit Sameness; equani...
Sarvamata Girl Sanskrit The Mother of all
Shrimati Girl Sanskrit Having beauty an...
Sumati Girl Sanskrit Pure-minded
Tamatha Girl American E... N/A
Tamati Boy Pacific Is... Twin
Vasumat Boy Sanskrit Possesses a grea...
Vasumati Girl Sanskrit Possesses a grea...
Yamato Boy Japanese Ancient Japan
Yasomati Girl Sanskrit Famous