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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Ingamar Boy Norse N/A
Ingemar Boy Norse N/A
Ingmar Boy Norse N/A
Isamar Girl Spanish Perhaps an elisi...
Jamar Boy English Uncertain, perha...
Jamara Girl American E... N/A
JaMarcus Boy Latin From the god Mars
Jamari Boy American E... N/A
Jamarion Boy American E... N/A
Jean-Marie Boy Hebrew God is gracious ...
Jeanmarie Girl Hebrew God is gracious ...
Jemarr Boy English Uncertain, perha...
Jermar Boy English Uncertain, perha...
Jomar Boy American E... N/A
Jomarr Boy American E... N/A
Kamari Boy Sanskrit The enemy of des...
Kamaria Girl Swahili Bright as the mo...
Kumar Boy Sanskrit Youthful
Kumara Boy Sanskrit Youthful
Kumaree Girl Sanskrit Youthful
Kumari Girl Sanskrit Youthful
Lamar Boy Latin Of the Sea
Lamara Girl Central As... Bitter
LaMarcus Boy Latin From the god Mars
Lamarr Boy French From sea
Mar Boy N/A N/A
Mara Both Hebrew Bitter
Marabel Girl Latin Lovely; wondrous
Marabelle Girl Latin Lovely; wondrous
Maraea Girl Hebrew Bitter