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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Tamara Girl Hebrew Palm tree
Tamarah Girl Hebrew Palm tree
Tamarius Boy American E... N/A
Te Aomarama Boy Pacific Is... Sky father
Telmar Boy Literary Will; wish
Thankmar Boy Germanic Famous for his s...
Umar Boy Arabic Flourishing; to ...
Valdemar Boy Germanic Famous ruler
Valdermar Boy Germanic Famous ruler
Valdimar Boy Germanic Famous ruler
Valdymar Boy Germanic Famous ruler
Vilmaris Girl Germanic Of great fame
Vimarsa Boy Sanskrit Examination; test
Vimarsh Boy Sanskrit Examination; test
Waldemar Boy Germanic Famous ruler
Wilmar Boy English Will, desire + f...
Xiomara Girl Spanish Uncertain, perha...
Zemar Boy Afghan Lion
Zemaria Boy Hebrew Song of God
Zemariah Boy Hebrew Song of God
Zemarya Boy Hebrew Song of God