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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Maryna Girl Hebrew Bitter
Marynia Girl Hebrew Bitter
Maryse Girl French Contrated form o...
Marysia Girl Hebrew Bitter
Marzel Boy Latin Little Marcus
Marzella Girl Latin Little Marcus
Marzuq Boy Arabic Successful
Omar Boy Hebrew Speaker
Omari Boy Arabic Populous; flouri...
Omarion Boy Arabic Populous; flouri...
Omarosa Girl African My beautiful child
Palmar Boy English Pilgrim
Premarupa Boy Sanskrit The form of love...
Premarupini Girl Sanskrit The form of love...
Primarosa Girl Latin First rose
Qamar Girl Arabic Moon
Qiomars Boy Pacific Is... Character from S...
Rajakumari Girl Sanskrit Princess
Rajkumar Boy Sanskrit King's son, prince
Reinmar Boy Germanic Famous counsellor
Rosemarie Girl Latin Sea dew
Rosemary Girl Latin Sea dew
Samar Girl Arabic The darkness of ...
Samara Girl Hebrew Regard; guardian
Samarasa Girl Sanskrit Having equal bliss
Shamar Boy Sanskrit N/A
Shemar Boy American E... N/A
Shemariah Boy Hebrew Guarding of god
Simar Girl Punjabi One who is fille...
Tamar Girl Hebrew Palm tree; upright