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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Ramana Both Sanskrit Lovable; charming
Ramanan Boy Sanskrit Delighting
Ramananda Boy Sanskrit Delight of Rama
Ramandeep Boy Punjabi Infused in the l...
Ramani Girl Sanskrit Delighting; joyful
Ramanik Boy Sanskrit Lovable; charming
Ramanika Both Sanskrit Lovable; charming
Ramanuja Boy Sanskrit Rama's brother
Redman Boy English Red; reeds; clea...
Resaman Girl Sanskrit Silk
Rhamantus Girl Welsh Romantic
Rodman Boy Germanic Famous hero
Rodmann Boy Germanic Famous hero
Roman Boy Latin Roman
Romana Girl Latin Of Rome
Romane Girl Latin Roman
Romano Boy Latin Roman
Romanus Boy Latin Roman
Saaman Girl Central As... Jasmine
Salaman Boy Hebrew Peace
Salman Boy Arabic Uppermost point
Saman Boy Arabic Well-known
Samant Boy Sanskrit Universal; whole
Samantha Girl Aramaic Listener
Sharman Boy English One who shears c...
Sharmane Girl Latin N/A
Sherman Boy English One who shears c...
Shridaman Boy Sanskrit Beautiful garland
Shriman Boy Sanskrit Having beauty, f...
Steadman Boy English Estate, farm; st...