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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Mahan Boy Sanskrit The Great One
Mahanidhi Boy Sanskrit Great house of t...
Mahaniya Boy Sanskrit Praiseworthy; gl...
Mahanta Boy Sanskrit Grand
Maharaj Boy Sanskrit Great king
Maharaja Boy Sanskrit Great king
Maharatha Boy Sanskrit Grand charioteer
Maharsi Boy Sanskrit Great saint
Maharta Boy Sanskrit Truthful
Mahasin Girl Arabic Charms, good qua...
Mahasveta Girl Sanskrit Very white
Mahati Girl Sanskrit Greatness
Mahault Girl German Powerful battler
Mahaut Girl German Powerful battler
Mahavira Boy Indian Great hero
Mahbub Boy Arabic Beloved; favorite
Mahbubullah Boy Arabic Allah's favorite
Mahdi Boy Arabic Rightly guided
Mahdokht Girl Afghan Beautiful as the...
Mahé Both Hebrew Gift of God
Maheera Girl Arabic Skilled
Mahendra Boy Sanskrit Great Indra
Mahershalal... Boy Hebrew He speeds to plu...
Mahesa Boy Sanskrit Great lord
Mahesh Boy Sanskrit Great ruler
Maheshwar Boy Sanskrit Great god; great...
Maheshwari Girl Sanskrit Great god; great...
Mahfooz Boy Arabic Protected, guarded
Mahfuz Boy Arabic Protected, guarded
Mahi Girl Sanskrit The great; Earth...