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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Annamae Girl English Anna + Mae
Bartimaeus Boy Greek Son of Timaeus
Cadmael Boy Welsh War chieftain
Ella Mae Girl English Combination of E...
Ellamae Girl English Combination of E...
Ihimaera Boy Hebrew God will listen
Ishmael Boy Hebrew God will listen
Ismael Boy Hebrew God will listen
Lamaea Girl American E... N/A
Mae Girl English The fifth month ...
Maegan Girl Greek Pearl
Maeko Girl Japanese Child of true bl...
Mael Both Breton Prince
Maela Girl Breton Prince
Maelgad Boy Welsh Prince + battle
Maelgwn Boy Welsh Defender/prince/...
Maelgwyn Boy Welsh Defender/prince/...
Maelie Girl American E... N/A
MaŽline Girl French N/A
MaŽlle Girl Breton Prince
Maelog Boy Welsh Battle; prince
Maelogan Boy Welsh Battle; prince
Maelon Boy Welsh Prince
Maelona Girl Welsh Prince
Maelorwen Girl Welsh White Maelor
Maelrys Boy Welsh Rushing prince
Maelwas Boy Welsh Youth prince; se...
MaŽlys Girl Breton Prince
Maemi Girl Japanese Ten thousand ble...
Maťva Girl Pacific Is... Welcome