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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Morpheus Boy Greek He who shapes
Morrigan Girl Gaelic Great queen; nig...
Morris Boy Latin Moor
Morta Girl Aramaic Lady
Morten Boy Latin From the god Mars
Mortimer Boy French Dead sea
Morton Boy English Settlement by or...
Morty Boy French Dead sea
Morwen Girl Welsh Maid; great or w...
Morwenna Girl Cornish Possibly from "m...
Omorede Boy African A royal prince
Omorenoniwa... Girl African Not intended to ...
Omorose Girl African My beautiful child
Tadmor Both Hebrew Palm tree; upright
Talmor Girl Hebrew Sprinkled with m...
Timor Both Hebrew Slender; secret
Timora Girl Hebrew Slender; secret
Zemora Girl Hebrew Branch or song
Zemorah Girl Hebrew Branch or song