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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Mandin Boy Sanskrit Delighting
Mandipa Girl Sanskrit Praised for his ...
Mandisa Girl African Sweet
Mandita Boy Sanskrit Adorned
Mandondo Boy African Drops
Mandy Both Latin She who must be ...
Maneet Boy Sanskrit Honoured
Manel Boy Hebrew God is with us
Manendra Boy Sanskrit Ruler of mind
Manford Boy English N/A
Manfred Boy Germanic Peaceful strength
Manfredo Boy Germanic Peaceful strength
Manfrid Boy Germanic Peaceful strength
Manfried Boy Germanic Peaceful strength
Manga Girl Swahili Traveller, wande...
Mangal Boy Sanskrit Auspicious
Mangala Both Sanskrit Auspicious
Mangeni Girl African Fish
Manheim Boy Germanic Home of men
Mani Both Sanskrit Jewel
Manidipa Boy Sanskrit With jewels deco...
Maniek Both Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Manik Boy Sanskrit Of jewels
Manika Both Sanskrit Of jewels
Manikantha Boy Sanskrit Blue bird; with ...
Manikarnika Girl Sanskrit Earring containi...
Manikya Boy Sanskrit Like a jewel
Manil Boy Sanskrit Jewel of a son
Manila Both Sanskrit Jewel of a son
Manilala Boy Sanskrit Jewel of a son