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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Beeman Boy French Lovely hill
Beman Boy French Lovely hill
Benjiman Boy Hebrew Son of my right ...
Berman Boy German Exhibiting a bea...
Bhauman Boy Sanskrit Belongs to the e...
Bhaumana Boy Sanskrit Belongs to the e...
Bomani Boy African Warrior
Bradamante Girl Italian Wild lover
Cadman Boy English Servant of Cade
Carmane Boy Latin Brother
Carmania Girl Hebrew Vineyard of the ...
Cartimandua Girl English Uncertain, perha...
Cayman Boy African Alligator
Ceolman Boy English Protector of a s...
Chamania Girl Hebrew Sun, sunflower
Chamanit Girl Hebrew Sunflower
Chapman Boy English Merchant, trader
Coleman Boy Gaelic Dove; descendant...
Colmán Boy Latin Dove
Delman Boy English Valley
Devmani Boy Indian Jewel of gods
Dhiman Boy Sanskrit Knowledgable; wise
Dhimani Boy Indian Intellectual
Dhimant Boy Sanskrit Learned; wise
Diamanda Girl Greek Jewel
Diptiman Boy Sanskrit Bright
Dorman Boy English Wild animal
Dyumani Boy Sanskrit Jewel of the sky
Elman Boy Germanic Noble man
Emanuel Boy Hebrew God is with us