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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Pomaika'i Girl Hawaiian Lucky, fortunate...
Ptolemaios Boy Greek Warlike
Ptolemais Girl Greek Warlike
Romain Boy Latin Roman
Romaine Girl Latin Roman
Rongomaiwhe... Girl Pacific Is... Earth mother
Shalmai Boy Aramaic Peace
Shammai Boy Aramaic Name
Sharmain Girl Latin N/A
Sharmaine Girl Latin N/A
Shemaiah Boy Aramaic Heard of Jehovah
Talmai Boy Aramaic Hill, mound, fur...
Tremain Boy Cornish Rock settlement
Tremaine Boy Cornish Rock settlement
Treymaine Boy Cornish Rock settlement
Trumaine Boy American E... N/A
Tumaini Girl Swahili Hope
Valmai Girl Welsh Mayflower
Yamai Both Mapudungun In agreement
Zalmai Boy Afghan Youthful