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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Camelot Both English N/A
Carlota Girl German Free man
Carlotta Girl German Free man
Cesselot Girl Latin Blind
Charlott Girl Germanic Free man
Charlotta Girl German Free man
Charlotte Girl Germanic Free man
Clotaire Boy Germanic Glorious strength
Clothilde Girl Germanic Famous in battle
Clotho Girl Greek Spinner
Clotilda Girl Germanic Famous in battle
Clotilde Girl Germanic Famous in battle
Cozamalotl Girl Aztec Rainbow
Ellota Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Filothea Girl Greek Friend, lover of...
Hannelotte Girl German Combination of H...
Ingelotte Girl German Compound of Inge...
Karlotta Girl German Free man
Klotho Girl Greek Spinner
Klotild Girl German Famous fight
Klotylda Girl German Famed in battle
Lancelot Boy French N/A
Lieselotte Girl German N/A
Lot Boy Hebrew Envelope; protect
Lotem Both Hebrew Cistus bush
Lothair Boy Germanic Famous army
Lothaire Boy Germanic Famous army
Lothar Boy Germanic Famous army; fam...
Lothario Boy Germanic Fame + army
LothÝriel Girl Literary Flower maiden