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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Florentinus Boy Latin Blossoming; char...
Florentius Boy Latin Blossoming; char...
Florentyn Boy Latin Blossoming; char...
Florentyna Girl Latin Blossoming; char...
Florenz Boy Latin Blossoming; char...
Florenza Girl Latin Blossoming; char...
Floretta Girl French Little flower
Florey Boy Latin Flower
Floria Girl Latin Flower
Florian Boy Latin Flower
Floriane Girl Latin Flower
Florianne Girl Latin Flower
Floridalma Girl Spanish Flowering soul
Florimel Girl Latin Honey flower
Florimell Girl Latin Honey flower
Florina Girl Latin Flower
Florinda Girl Latin Flower
Florine Girl Latin Flower
Floris Boy Latin Blossoming; char...
Florisel Boy N/A N/A
Florius Boy Latin Flower
Florizel Boy N/A N/A
Florka Girl Latin Flower
Florrie Girl Latin Flowering
Florus Boy Latin Flower
Florynka Girl Latin Flower
Gaylord Boy English Joyous and brave...
Gloretha Girl American E... Glory
Glorfindel Boy Literary Golden-haired elf
Gloria Girl Latin Glory