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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
A'alona Boy Hawaiian Exalted, high mo...
Abelone Girl Latin From Apollo
Absolon Boy Hebrew My father is peace
Afallon Boy Welsh Apple tree
Ajalon Both Hebrew Deer
Allon Boy Hebrew Oak
Alon Boy Hebrew Oak
Alona Girl Hebrew Oak
Alondra Girl Greek Defender
Alonit Girl Hebrew Little oak
Alonsa Girl Germanic Noble and ready/...
Alonso Boy Germanic Noble and ready/...
Alonza Girl Germanic Noble and ready/...
Alonzia Both Germanic Noble and ready/...
Alonzo Boy Germanic Noble and ready/...
Apollon Boy Greek Destroy; apple
Apolloneia Girl Greek Like Apollo
Apollonia Girl Greek Like Apollo
Apollonios Boy Greek Like Apollo
Apollonius Boy Latin From Apollo
Apolonia Girl Greek N/A
Apolonio Boy Greek Greek god Apollo
Apolonka Girl Greek N/A
Appollonia Girl Greek N/A
Appoloniusz Boy Greek Of the god Apollo
Avalon Both Welsh Apple tree
Ayalon Boy Hebrew Deer
Balondemu Boy African The chosen one
Bellona Girl Latin War
Blondie Girl French Pale yellowish-b...