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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Kamalini Girl Sanskrit The day-lotus
Kapitolina Girl Latin Big headed
Karlina Girl German Free man
Karolin Girl German Free man
Karolina Girl German Free man
Karoline Girl German Free man
Katalin Girl Greek Pure
Katalina Girl Greek Pure
Katalinka Girl Greek Pure
Katelin Girl Gaelic Pure
Katlin Girl Greek Pure
Kaylin Girl Gaelic Slender and fair
Kaylinda Girl American E... N/A
Kaylinn Girl Gaelic Slender and fair
Kevalini Girl Sanskrit Alone; one; abso...
Kimberlin Girl American E... N/A
Kimberlinn Girl American E... N/A
Kipling Boy English One who cures sa...
Klinton Boy English Settlement on th...
Kolina Girl Greek Maiden
Kundalini Girl Sanskrit Having coils
Kushalin Boy Sanskrit Having skillfuln...
Kushalini Girl Sanskrit Having skillfuln...
Laure-Adeli... Girl Latin Laurel
Laure-Line Girl Latin Laurel
Laureline Girl Latin Laurel
Leolin Boy Welsh Leader
Leoline Boy Welsh Leader
Lin Both Chinese Fine jade; forest
Lin Lin Girl Chinese Beauty of a tink...