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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Franklin Boy English Free man
Friedelinde Girl German Gentle peace
Gaelin Boy Greek Calm
Galina Girl Greek Calm
Gerlinde Girl Germanic With spear and s...
Glinda Girl Welsh Clean and good
Grayling Boy English Gray-haired; ple...
Gwendoline Girl Welsh White ring; whit...
Halina Girl Greek Calm
Halinka Girl Greek Calm
Hamblin Boy English Home
Hamelin Boy French Outlying farm
Hamlin Boy English Home
Heilin Both Welsh Generous
Helina Girl Russian Light from the sun
Hemamalini Girl Sanskrit Garlanded with g...
Herlinda Girl Germanic Lord, army; shield
Herlindis Girl Germanic Lord, army; shield
Hermelinda Girl Germanic Powerful with th...
Huitzilin Boy Aztec Hummingbird
Idalina Girl German Work
Idaline Girl Germanic Work
Idolina Girl Spanish Idol; likeness
Isabelina Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Isaline Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Iseline Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Jacoline Girl Hebrew Supplanter
Jacquelin Girl Hebrew Supplanter
Jacqueline Girl Hebrew Supplanter
Jalindra Boy Sanskrit King of the water