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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Sherline Girl American E... N/A
Soline Girl Latin Solemn
Stalina Girl Russian Steel
Starling Girl English Starling bird
Sterling Boy English Little star, ste...
Talin Boy American E... N/A
Tomlin Boy Aramaic Twin
Tomlinson Boy Aramaic Twin
Tulinagwe Girl African The Lord is with...
Ursulina Girl Latin Little bear
Ursuline Girl Latin Little bear
Valin Boy Sanskrit Tailed
Verlin Boy English N/A
Wellington Boy English N/A
Xylina Girl Greek Of the wooded land
Yoselin Girl French Tribal name of t...
Ysaline Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Yveline Girl French Yew
Zéline Girl Latin Solemn
Zolin Boy Aztec Quail