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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Linnet Girl English Linnet bird
Linnette Girl English N/A
Linnie Girl English N/A
Lino Boy Greek N/A
Linos Boy Greek N/A
Linota Girl Greek Pity
Linsey Girl English Lincoln island; ...
Linsy Girl English Lincoln island; ...
Linton Boy English Lyne; lime tree;...
Linus Boy Greek N/A
Linwood Boy English N/A
Linzy Girl English Lincoln island; ...
Llinos Girl Welsh Linnet
Lurline Girl German Murmuring rock
Maalin Boy Sanskrit Crowned
Madalina Girl Hebrew From Magdala
Madelina Girl Hebrew From Magdala
Madeline Girl Hebrew From Magdala
Madlin Girl Hebrew From Magdala
MaŽline Girl French N/A
Makelina Girl Hebrew From Magdala
Malin Both Hebrew Of Magdala
Malina Girl Hebrew Of Magdala
Malinda Girl English Blending of 'mel...
Malini Girl Sanskrit Having a garland
Marcelin Boy Latin Little Marcus
Marcelina Girl Latin Little Marcus
Marceline Girl Latin Little Marcus
Marcelino Boy Latin From the god Mars
Marcellin Boy Latin Little Marcus