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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
'Olina Both Hawaiian Joy; joyful
Abelina Girl Latin Filbert or hazel...
Abelinda Girl Latin Beautiful serpent
Abelino Boy French Uncertain, pet f...
Acelin Boy French Noble; Highbirth
Aceline Girl French Noble; Highbirth
Acilino Boy Spanish Like an eagle
Adalina Girl Germanic Noble
Adaline Girl Germanic Noble
Adelina Girl Germanic Noble kind; of t...
Adelinde Girl Germanic Noble shield
Adeline Girl Germanic Noble
Adline Girl Germanic Noble
Agilina Girl English Strong
Aibhlin Girl German Uncertain, possi...
Aibhlinn Girl German Uncertain, possi...
Ailín Both Gaelic Rock
Aishling Girl Gaelic Dream
Aishlinn Girl Gaelic Dream
Aislin Girl Gaelic Dream
Aisling Girl Gaelic Dream
Aislinn Girl Gaelic Dream
Akilina Girl Latin Eagle-like
Alin Both Romanian Soothe; to soothe
Alina Girl French Noble
Alinah Girl Greek Pity
Alinda Both Germanic Noble shield
Aline Girl French Noble
Alline Girl French Noble
Amalina Girl Germanic Work; effort; st...