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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Lilliana Girl Latin Lilies
Lillias Girl Latin Lilies
Lobelia Girl English Lobelia flower
Magnolia Girl Latin Magnol's flower
Mahalia Girl Aramaic Fat fatlings; ma...
Maksimilian Boy Latin Little Maximus
Maksymilian Boy Latin Little Maximus
Malia Girl Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Maliana Girl Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Maximilian Boy Latin Little Maximus
Maximiliano Boy Latin Greatest
Maximilianus Boy Latin Little Maximus
Maximillian Boy Latin Little Maximus
Maxmilian Boy Latin Little Maximus
Mehalia Girl Aramaic Fat fatlings; ma...
Melia Girl Latin Rival; emulating
Meliame Girl Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Migdalia Girl Hebrew Tower
Miliani Both Hawaiian Gentle caress
Natalia Girl Italian Christ's birthday
Nathalia Girl Latin (Christ's) birth...
Neelia Girl Latin Horn; horned
Nelia Girl Latin Horn; horned
Noelia Girl Latin Day of birth
Odelia Girl Germanic Wealth
Odilia Girl Germanic Wealth
Ofelia Girl Greek Help; aid
Ophelia Girl Greek Help; aid
Oralia Girl Latin Golden
Othelia Girl Germanic Wealth