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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Anuli Girl African Daughter who bri...
Aouli Both Hawaiian Firmament, sky
Apolinar Boy Greek Greek god apollo
Apolinaria Girl Greek Greek god Apollo
Apollinaire Boy Greek N/A
Apollinare Boy Greek N/A
Apollinaria Girl Greek N/A
Apollinaris Boy Greek N/A
Apolline Girl Greek Like Apollo
Aquilina Girl Latin Eagle-like
Aquilino Boy Latin Like an eagle
Araceli Girl Latin Sky altar
Arcelia Girl Latin Altar of heaven
Areli Both Hebrew Brave; courageou...
Arelie Girl Hebrew Brave; courageou...
Arlie Both English Eagle wood
Arline Girl Literary N/A
Arlington Boy English Town of Alffrith...
Artelia Girl Latin Attentive
Asali Girl Swahili Honey
Asalia Girl Latin N/A
Ascelina Girl French Noble; Highbirth
Asceline Girl French Noble; Highbirth
Ashlianne Girl English N/A
Ashlie Girl English Ash wood
Ashlin Girl Gaelic Dream
Ashling Girl Gaelic Dream
Ashlinn Girl Gaelic Dream
Asili Both Swahili Beginning, sourc...
Asilia Girl Swahili Honest, genuine