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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Herclio Boy Greek Glory of Hera
Herlinda Girl Germanic Lord, army; shield
Herlindis Girl Germanic Lord, army; shield
Hermelinda Girl Germanic Powerful with th...
Hersilia Girl Spanish Limber and lovely
Hili Both Hebrew My halo; my praise
Hilliard Boy Germanic Magnificant in b...
Hipolit Boy Greek One who frees ho...
Hipolito Boy Greek Loosener of horses
Hoa pili Both Hawaiian Close companion,...
Hokuli'ili'i Both Hawaiian Small star
Holiday Girl English Holiday
Hollie Girl English Holly
Hollis Boy English Lives near holly...
Hollisha Girl English Christmas-born
Hoyouwerlikt Boy Native Ame... Nice necklace
Huali Both Hawaiian Pure; bright, po...
Huitzilin Boy Aztec Hummingbird
Huluali'i Both Hawaiian Royal feather; r...
Härlief Boy Norse Army descendant
Idahlia Girl German Work
Idalia Girl German Work
Idalina Girl German Work
Idaline Girl Germanic Work
Idili Both Swahili Well behaved
Idolina Girl Spanish Idol; likeness
Iklil Boy Arabic Crown
Ilia Boy Hebrew My god is the lord
Iliana Girl Hebrew The Lord has res...
Ilias Boy Hebrew My god is the lord