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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Gelila Girl Hebrew Roll up; roll away
Gelilah Girl Hebrew Roll up; roll away
Gellion Boy Gaelic Servant of St John
Gemali Boy Hebrew My camel; my rew...
Gergeli Boy Greek Watcher
Gerlinde Girl Germanic With spear and s...
Ghalib Boy Arabic Winning; conqueror
Ghaliba Girl Arabic Victorious
Ghaliya Girl Arabic Fragrant; precio...
Gili Both Hebrew My happiness
Giliah Girl Hebrew The joy of Jehovah
Giliam Boy Germanic Will, desire and...
Gilian Boy Gaelic Servant of St John
Giliana Girl Latin Down-bearded youth
Gilit Girl Hebrew Little joy
Gilli Both Germanic Bright oath
Gillian Both Latin Down-bearded youth
Gillie Both Germanic Bright oath
Gillies Boy Gaelic Servant of Christ
Gilligan Boy Gaelic Lad
Gillis Boy Gaelic Serves christ
Gimli Boy Norse Fire
Girlie Girl English Girl
Gísli Boy Icelandic Hostage; a captive
Gitanjali Girl Sanskrit Presenting songs...
Giulia Girl Latin Down-bearded youth
Giuliana Girl Latin Down-bearded youth
Giulianna Girl Latin Down-bearded youth
Giuliano Boy Latin Down-bearded youth
Giulietta Girl Latin Down-bearded youth