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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Celinda Boy Greek Selene; light; s...
CÚline Girl French N/A
Celinka Girl Latin Heaven; blind
Celio Boy Latin N/A
Chablis Girl French White wine
Chaitali Girl Sanskrit Sharp of memory
Chalice Girl French A cup; goblet
Chalil Boy Hebrew Wind instrument,...
Chalisa Girl Hebrew A Biblical place...
Chalissa Girl Hebrew A Biblical place...
Chapelin Boy English Clergyman
Chaplin Boy English Clergyman
Charli Girl N/A N/A
Charlie Boy Germanic Free man
Charline Girl German Free man
Charlize Girl Germanic Free man
Cherylin Girl French Dear one
Chevalier Boy French Knight
Chimalli Boy Aztec Shield
Chitrali Girl Sanskrit Beautiful lady
Christlieb Boy German Love of Christ; ...
Chwalibog Boy Polish To praise god
Chwalimir Boy Polish To praise peace
Cicilia Girl Latin Blind
Cili Girl Latin Blind
Cillian Boy Gaelic War; strife; bri...
Citlali Girl Aztec Star
Citlalli Girl Aztec Star
Citrali Girl Sanskrit Beautiful lady
Clelia Girl Latin N/A