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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Bálint Boy Latin Healthy, strong
Basilie Girl Latin Kingly
Basilio Boy Latin Kingly
Basilius Boy Greek King
Bat-Eli Girl Hebrew Daughter of my God
Bat-Li Girl Hebrew I have a daughter
Batli Girl Hebrew I have a daughter
Batuuli Girl Swahili Young maiden
Baudilio Boy Spanish Victory
Bazyli Boy Latin Kingly
Bedelia Girl Gaelic Power, strength
Belia Girl French Beautiful
Beliarosa Girl Spanish N/A
Belicia Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Belinda Girl Latin Beautiful serpent
Béline Girl Germanic Serpent
Belita Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Bellina Girl Italian Beautiful
Bellino Boy French Handsome
Benvolio Boy Italian Affectionate; be...
Berlin Girl German Uncertain, perha...
Bertalina Girl Germanic Famous; bright
Beverlie Girl English Beaver stream
Bhadrakali Girl Sanskrit Auspicious Kali
Bhupali Girl Sanskrit Guardian of the ...
Bidelia Girl Gaelic Power, strength
Billie Both Germanic Will, desire and...
Bliss Girl English Supreme happines...
Blithe Girl English Joyous
Bolívar Boy Spanish N/A