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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Leolani Both Hawaiian Heavenly voice
Leolin Boy Welsh Leader
Leoline Boy Welsh Leader
Leon Boy Latin Lion
Leona Girl Latin Lion
Leonani Girl Hawaiian Beautiful voice
Leonard Boy Germanic Strong as the lion
Leonarda Girl Germanic Strong as the lion
Leonardo Boy Germanic Strong as the lion
Leone Girl Latin Lion
Leonek Boy Latin Lion
Leonel Boy Latin Lion
Leonerd Boy German Brave lion
Leonette Girl Latin Lion
Leonhard Boy Germanic Strong as the lion
Leonia Girl Latin Lion
Leonid Boy Greek Lion
Leonidas Boy Greek Lion like, stron...
Leonidus Boy Greek Lion-like
Léonie Girl Latin Lion
Leonina Girl Latin Lion
Léonne Girl Latin Lion
Leonoor Girl Greek Pity
Léonor Girl Greek Pity
Leonora Girl Greek Pity
Léonore Girl Greek Pity
Leontien Girl Latin Lion
Leontina Girl Latin Lion
Léontine Girl Latin Lion
Leontius Boy Latin Lion