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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Achilleo Boy Greek N/A
Aquileo Boy Greek Without lips
Cleo Both Greek Glory + father
Cleon Boy Greek Glory; fame; goo...
Cleone Girl Greek Glory; fame; goo...
Cleopatra Girl Greek Glory + father
Cléophée Girl Greek Seeing fame
Eleonor Girl Greek Pity
Eleonora Girl Greek Pity
Eleonore Girl Greek Pity
Eleonorka Girl Greek Pity
Eleora Girl Hebrew God is my light
Galileo Boy Hebrew A rolled sheet
Gilleon Boy Gaelic Servant of St John
Gilleonan Boy Gaelic St Adomnan's ser...
Kaleo Both Hawaiian The voice
Kaleoaloha Both Hawaiian The voice of love
Kaleolani Both Hawaiian Spiritual saying
Kileona Boy Hebrew Strong fighter
Kleon Boy Greek Glory; fame; goo...
Kleopatra Girl Greek Of a famous father
Leo Boy Latin Lion
Leocadia Girl Greek Clear, bright
Léocadie Girl Greek Clear, bright
Leocadio Boy Greek Clear, bright
Leodora Girl Greek N/A
Leofric Boy English Dear ruler
Leofwin Boy English Dear friend
Leokadia Girl Greek Clear, bright
Leola Girl Latin Lion