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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Lea Girl Hebrew Weary
Leaf Boy English Leaf of a plant
Leagsaidh Girl Greek Defending men
Leah Girl Hebrew Weary
Leaman Boy English Beloved man; swe...
Leamon Boy English Beloved man; swe...
Leana Girl English Lee + Anne
Leander Boy Greek Lion Man
Leandra Girl Greek Lion Man
Léandre Boy Greek Lion Man
Leandro Boy Greek Lion man
Leandros Boy Greek Lion Man
Léane Girl English Contracted form ...
Leann Girl English Lee + Anne
Leanna Girl English Lee + Anne
Leannán Boy Gaelic Lover, concubine
Leanne Girl English Lee + Anne
Lear Boy Germanic Clearing
Leary Boy Gaelic Descendant of La...
Leatrice Girl American E... N/A
Lileas Girl Latin Lilies
Malea Girl Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Maleah Girl Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Marlea Girl German Contraction of M...
Mealea Girl Cambodian Flower garland
Olea Girl Latin Pertaining to th...
Pleasance Girl English Pleasure
Pleasant Girl English Pleasing
Uilleam Boy Germanic Will, desire + h...
Vailea Girl Pacific Is... Water that speaks