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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Cakora Boy Sanskrit Shining; content
Chakor Boy Sanskrit Shining; content
Chakori Girl Sanskrit Shining; content
Donkor Boy African One whom is humble
Jekori Boy American E... N/A
Kokoro Girl Japanese Heart
Kora Girl Greek Maiden
Korah Boy Hebrew Bald
Koral Girl English Coral; deep pink
Koralie Girl Greek Maiden
Koray Boy Turkish Ember moon
Korban Boy Gaelic A steep hill
Korbin Boy Gaelic A steep hill
Kordell Boy English Maker of cord
Kordula Girl Latin Little heart
Koregan Boy N/A N/A
Koresh Boy Hebrew Farmer
Korey Boy Germanic God's peace
Korfa Boy African N/A
Kori Boy Germanic God's peace
Korie Both Germanic God's peace
Korihor Boy English N/A
Korina Girl Greek Maiden
Korinna Girl Greek Maiden
KornÚl Boy Latin Horn; horned
Kornelia Girl Latin Horn; horned
Kornelius Boy Latin Horn; horned
KornÚlka Girl Latin Horn; horned
Koronis Girl Greek Crow
Korrigan Boy N/A N/A