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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Hidekazu Boy Japanese Excellent harmony
Hirokazu Boy Japanese Wide harmony
Kaz Boy N/A N/A
Kazik Boy Polish Keeping the peace
Kazim Boy Arabic One who controls...
Kazima Girl Arabic One who controls...
Kazimeriz Boy Slavonic Famous destroyer
Kazimiera Girl Polish Keeping the peace
Kazimierz Boy Polish Keeping the peace
Kazmér Boy N/A N/A
Kázsmér Boy Polish Keeping the peace
Kazu Girl Japanese First; obedient,...
Kazuaki Boy Japanese Harmonious and b...
Kazue Both Japanese One blessing
Kazuhiko Boy Japanese Peaceful boy
Kazuhiro Boy Japanese Harmony and abun...
Kazuhisa Boy Japanese Harmonious era
Kazuhito Boy Japanese Benevolent one
Kazuho Both Japanese One step
Kazuki Boy Japanese One tree
Kazuko Girl Japanese First child; obe...
Kazuma Boy Japanese True harmony
Kazumasa Boy Japanese Peaceful and rig...
Kazumi Both Japanese Beautiful harmony
Kazumichi Boy Japanese Harmonious way
Kazumitsu Boy Japanese Harmonious light
Kazuna Girl Japanese One vegetable
Kazunari Boy Japanese One and become
Kazuno Girl Japanese Your peace
Kazuo Boy Japanese First-born son