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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Katniss Both English Katniss plant
Kato Girl Greek [Pure]
Katresha Girl American E... N/A
Katri Girl Greek Pure
Katriel Boy Hebrew God is my crown
Katrien Girl Greek [Pure]
Katrin Girl Greek Pure
Katrina Girl Greek Pure
Katrine Girl Greek Pure
Katsu Girl Japanese Win; win harbor
Katsue Girl Japanese Blessed with vic...
Katsuki Girl Japanese Win season
Katsumi Boy Japanese Win sea
Katsunori Boy Japanese Win law
Katsutoshi Boy Japanese To win cleverly
Katsuye Girl Japanese Blessed with vic...
Katy Girl Greek Pure
Katya Girl Greek Pure
Katyayani Girl Sanskrit A name of the Go...
Sankatahara... Boy Sanskrit Remover of diffi...
Venkat Boy Sanskrit Mountain consecr...
Wakato Boy Japanese Young one
Yekaterina Girl Greek Pure