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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Jeroen Boy Greek Sacred name
Jerohn Boy Hebrew He will sing
Jerok Boy American E... N/A
Jerold Boy Germanic Spear ruler
Jerome Boy Greek Sacred name
Jeromy Boy Hebrew God will raise u...
Jeron Boy Hebrew He will sing
Jerónimo Boy Greek Sacred name
Jeronn Boy Hebrew He will sing
Jeronym Boy Greek Sacred name
Jerrad Boy Hebrew Descendant
Jerrald Boy Germanic Spear ruler
Jerralyn Girl English N/A
Jerran Boy American E... N/A
Jerred Boy Hebrew Descendant
Jerrell Boy English N/A
Jerret Boy Germanic Strength of the ...
Jerrett Boy Germanic Strength of the ...
Jerri Boy Germanic Spear ruler
Jerriann Girl Germanic Spear ruler
Jerric Boy American E... N/A
Jerrica Girl American E... N/A
Jerrick Boy American E... N/A
Jerrico Boy Hebrew City of moon god...
Jerridean Girl English A combination of...
Jerrie Boy Germanic Spear ruler
Jerrik Boy American E... N/A
Jerrilee Girl Germanic Spear ruler
Jerrilinn Girl English N/A
Jerrilyn Girl English N/A