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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Maryjane Girl English Combination of M...
Niranjan Boy Sanskrit Spotless; pure
Niranjana Both Sanskrit Spotless; pure
Pankajanetra Boy Sanskrit Lotus-eyed
Pankajanetri Girl Sanskrit Lotus-eyed
Parjany Boy Sanskrit The Rain-God
Parjanya Boy Sanskrit The Rain-God
Priyaranjan Boy Indian Beloved
Puranjan Boy Sanskrit The embodiment o...
Puranjana Boy Sanskrit The embodiment o...
Puranjani Girl Sanskrit The embodiment o...
Rajan Boy Arabic Anticipation
Rajani Girl Sanskrit The dark
Rajanikant Boy Sanskrit Beloved of the n...
Rajanikanta Boy Sanskrit The night's belo...
Rajanya Boy Sanskrit Royal; like a king
Ranjan Boy Sanskrit Entertaining
Ranjana Both Sanskrit Entertaining
Sanjana Girl Indian Soft, meek, gentle
Stojanka Girl Polish Stand
Sufjan Boy Arabic Who walks fast
Talajangha Boy Sanskrit With legs as lon...