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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Jannon Boy American E... N/A
Jannsen Boy Dutch Jan's son
Janny Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Janoah Boy Hebrew To rest
JŠnos Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Janosch Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Jans Both Hebrew God is gracious
Jansen Boy Dutch Jan's son
Jansey Both Dutch Jan's son
Jansie Both Dutch Jan's son
Janson Boy Dutch Son of Jan
Janssen Boy Dutch Jan's son
Jansun Boy Dutch Jan's son
Jansy Both Dutch Jan's son
Jantine Girl Dutch God is forgiving
Januario Boy Latin Devoted to Janus
Januarius Boy Latin Devoted to Janus
January Both English First month of t...
Janus Boy Latin Arcade; covered ...
Janya Boy Sanskrit Born
Janyta Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Janz Boy Dutch Jan's son
Janzen Boy Dutch Jan's son
Kristjan Boy Latin Follower of Christ
Kristjana Girl Latin Follower of Christ
Lucjan Boy Latin Light
Manoranjana Boy Sanskrit Satisfying the m...
Marjani Girl Swahili Coral
Marjanna Girl Latin Combination of M...
Mary Jane Girl English Combination of M...