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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Alitz Boy Hebrew Cheerful
Alitza Girl Hebrew Cheerful
Alitzah Girl Hebrew Cheerful
Amitz Boy Hebrew Brave; strong
Amitza Girl Hebrew Brave; strong
Amitzah Girl Hebrew Brave; strong
Amitzedek Boy Hebrew My nation is rig...
Amitzur Boy Hebrew My nation is a r...
Avitzedek Boy Hebrew My father is fai...
Avitzur Boy Hebrew Father of stone
Ditza Girl Hebrew Happiness; cheer...
Ditzah Girl Hebrew Happiness; cheer...
Fitz Boy French Son
Fitzgerald Boy English Gerald's son
Fitzhugh Boy English Hugh's son
Fitzpatrick Boy English Patrick's son
Fritz Boy German Peaceful ruler; ...
Hitzilya Boy Hebrew God has rescued
Huitzilin Boy Aztec Hummingbird
Itz Girl N/A N/A
Itzcˇatl Boy Aztec Obsidian serpent
Itzel Girl Native Ame... Rainbow lady
Itzli Boy Aztec Obsidian
Lauritz Boy Latin Man from Laurentum
Litzy Girl Spanish N/A
Maritza Girl Hebrew Bitter
Mauritz Boy Latin Moor
Mitzi Girl Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Moritz Boy Latin Moor
Moritza Girl Latin Moor