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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Kristopher Boy Greek Bearer of Christ
Kristy Girl Latin Follower of Christ
Kristyn Girl Latin Follower of Christ
Lysistrata Girl Greek Army destroyer
Maristela Girl Latin Star
Misty Girl English Misty; foggy
Nistula Boy Sanskrit Without equal; i...
Pista Boy Greek Crown
Risteárd Boy French Strong power; ha...
Risto Boy Greek Bearer of Christ
Tanistha Boy Sanskrit Smallest
Trist Boy Gaelic Tumult
Trista Girl Gaelic Tumult
Tristam Boy Gaelic Tumult
Tristan Boy Gaelic Tumult
Tristen Boy Gaelic Tumult
Tristica Girl American E... N/A
Tristika Girl American E... N/A
Tristin Boy Gaelic Tumult
Triston Boy Gaelic Tumult
Tristram Boy Gaelic Tumult
Whistler Boy English Pipe player; one...