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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Agariste Girl Greek Best woman by far
Águistín Boy Latin Venerated
Aibhistín Boy Latin Venerated
Alistair Boy Greek Defending men
Alistaire Boy Greek Defending men
Alister Boy Greek Protector
Alistriona Girl Greek Defending men
Aniston Boy English Town of Agnes, A...
Anniston Boy English Town of Agnes, A...
Arista Girl Greek Most excellent, ...
Aristaeus Boy Greek Most excellent, ...
Aristaios Boy Greek Most excellent, ...
Aristeides Boy Greek Best figure
Aristeo Boy Greek Best
Aristide Boy Greek Best figure
Aristides Boy Greek Best figure
Aristokles Boy Greek Most famous
Ariston Boy Greek The best
Aristophanes Boy Greek Most bright
Aristoteles Boy Greek Best purpose
Aristotle Boy Greek Best purpose
Armistead Boy English Lives by a hermi...
Auguistin Boy Latin Venerated
Baptist Boy Latin The baptiser
Baptista Girl Latin Baptiser
Baptiste Boy Latin Baptiser
Battista Boy Italian Baptist
Bautista Boy Latin Baptiser
Bristol Boy English Bridge place, br...
Cairistìne Girl Latin Follower of Christ