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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Alamisi Both Swahili Thursday
Alisi Girl French Of noble kind
Alisia Girl Armenian Gentle
Aloisi Boy German Famed
Aloisia Girl Germanic Fame and war
Aloisio Boy Germanic Fame and war
Artemisia Girl Greek Safe; a butcher
Bilqisi Girl Swahili Queen of Sheba
Buqisi Girl Swahili Queen of Sheba
Caiside Boy Gaelic Curly
Crisiant Girl Welsh Crystal; bright
Daisie Girl English Day's eye
Damisi Girl Swahili Happy; gregarious
Dionisio Boy Greek N/A
Elisio Boy Hebrew My God is salvat...
Farisi Girl Swahili Able
Halisi Girl Swahili Truth
Hamisi Boy Swahili Born on Thursday
Isi Girl Native Ame... Deer
Isidor Boy Greek Gift of Isis
Isidora Girl Greek Gift of Isis
Isidore Boy Greek Gift of Isis
Isidoro Boy Greek Gift of Isis
Isidoros Boy Greek Gift of Isis
Isidro Boy Greek Gift of Isis
Isika Girl Sanskrit Brush; sacred pen
Isis Girl Ancient Eg... Woman of the thr...
Isita Girl Sanskrit Greatness
Khamisi Boy African On thursday born
Kisima Girl Swahili Spring