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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Karisa Girl French Embrace
Kazuhisa Boy Japanese Harmonious era
Kisa Girl American E... N/A
Larisa Girl Russian From the ancient...
Liisa Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Lisa Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Lisandro Boy Greek Freeing a man
Lisandru Boy Greek Freeing a man
Lisanne Girl American E... N/A
Louisa Girl Germanic Fame and war
Luisa Girl Germanic Fame and war
Mahisa Boy Sanskrit Lord of the earth
Mandisa Girl African Sweet
Manisankara Boy Sanskrit Jewelled Shiva
Marisa Girl Hebrew N/A
Marlisa Girl Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Melisa Girl Greek Honey-bee
Melisande Girl Germanic Strong work
Melisandra Girl Germanic Strong work
Melisant Girl Germanic Strong work
Mellisa Girl Greek Honey-bee
Misa Girl Japanese Beautiful sand
Misael Boy Hebrew Loaned; borrowed
Misaki Girl Japanese Beautiful blossom
Misako Girl Japanese Beautiful helpfu...
Misao Boy Japanese Fidelity
Misaye Girl Japanese Beautiful sand p...
Misayo Girl Japanese Beautiful help g...
Munisa Girl Arabic Gentle, friendly
Muqaddisa Girl Arabic Holy, sacred