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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Jamarion Boy American E... N/A
Javion Boy American E... N/A
Jillion Girl Latin Down-bearded youth
Jillione Girl Latin Down-bearded youth
Jionni Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Kaiona Girl Hawaiian N/A
Kaliona Girl Hawaiian One lion
Keion Boy American E... N/A
Kharmion Girl Greek Joy, delight
Kioni Girl African She sees
Laionela Boy Latin Lion
Lion Boy Hebrew My might
Lionel Boy Latin Lion
Lycaenion Girl Greek Little she-wolf
Lykainion Girl Greek Little she-wolf
Marion Both Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Meirchion Boy Welsh Horses
Meirion Boy Latin From the god Mars
Meiriona Girl Welsh Dairyman
Meirionwen Girl Welsh White Meirion
Merion Boy Welsh From Merioneth
Merrion Boy Latin From the god Mars
Odion Boy African Eldest of twins
Omarion Boy Arabic Populous; flouri...
Orion Boy Greek N/A
Osayioniwabo Girl African God will come to...
Purificación Girl Spanish To purify
Ríona Girl Gaelic Queenly
Savion Boy Basque New house
Shione Girl Japanese Sound of the tide