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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Cionnfhaola... Boy Gaelic Wolf head
Concepción Boy Spanish Conception
Crístíona Girl Latin Follower of Christ
Damarion Boy American E... N/A
Damion Boy Greek To tame
Darion Boy English N/A
Darrion Boy English N/A
Davion Boy American E... N/A
Deion Boy Greek Of Zeus
Demarion Boy American E... N/A
Deucalion Boy Greek N/A
Dion Boy Greek Of Zeus
Dione Girl Latin N/A
Dionisio Boy Greek N/A
Dionna Girl Latin N/A
Dionne Girl Latin N/A
Dionte Boy American E... N/A
Dionysophan... Boy Greek Dionysos manifest
Dionysos Boy Greek N/A
Dionysus Boy Greek N/A
Ecarnación Girl Spanish Incarnation
Einion Boy Welsh Anvil
Einiona Girl Welsh Anvil
Encarnación Girl Spanish Incarnation
Endellion Girl Gaelic Fire soul
Endymion Boy Greek To enter; to div...
Ennion Boy Welsh Anvil
Ermione Girl Greek Travel
Etsiona Girl Hebrew Tree of Zion
Eurion Boy Welsh Gold