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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Abiona Girl African Born during a trip
Aimilíona Girl Germanic Work; effort; st...
Aktaion Boy Greek N/A
Alastríona Girl Greek Defending men
Albion Boy Gaelic N/A
Alistriona Girl Greek Defending men
Amarion Boy Arabic Populous; flouri...
Antionah Boy English N/A
Antione Boy Latin N/A
Anunciación Both Latin To announce
Aodhfionn Boy Gaelic White fire
Aparición Both Spanish Act of appearing
Arion Boy Greek Braver
Ascencion Girl Spanish Ascension
Asuncion Girl Spanish Ascension
Bat-Tzion Girl Hebrew Daughter of Zion
Ben Gurion Boy Hebrew Son of the lion
Ben Zion Boy Hebrew Son of Zion
Ben-Gurion Boy Hebrew Son of the lion
Ben-Tzion Boy Hebrew Son of Zion
Ben-Zion Boy Hebrew Son of Zion
Bionda Girl Italian Blonde
Brionna Girl Gaelic Noble, strong, v...
Briony Girl Greek Vine
Cairistìona Girl Latin Follower of Christ
Caitríona Girl Greek Pure
Carnación Girl Spanish Incarnation
Carnation Girl English Carnation
Catríona Girl Greek Pure
Chionesu Boy African Guiding light; l...