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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Ginger Girl Latin Spring-like; flo...
Grainger Boy English Farm bailif
Grayling Boy English Gray-haired; ple...
Harding Boy Germanic Strong, hardy
Hastings Boy English Haest's people
He-ping Boy Chinese Calm, peace
Henning Boy Germanic Home ruler
Hui-ying Girl Chinese Wise, intelligen...
Ing Boy Norse N/A
Inga Girl Norse Ing's aid
Ingaberg Girl Norse Ing's aid
Ingaborg Girl Norse Ing's aid
Ingamar Boy Norse N/A
Ingdis Girl Norse Woman of Ing
Ingdor Boy Norse Ing + Thor
Ingdora Girl Norse Ing + Thor
Inge Both Norse N/A
Ingebjørg Girl Norse Ing's aid
Ingeborg Girl Norse God of peace and...
Ingefred Both Norse Ing's peace
Ingegerd Girl Norse Ing's place
Ingegjerd Girl Norse Ing's place
Ingegun Girl Norse Ing's battle
Ingel Boy Germanic Bright Angle
Ingelbert Boy Germanic Bright Angle
Ingelill Girl Norse Little Inge
Ingelore Girl German Compound of Inge...
Ingelotte Girl German Compound of Inge...
Ingemar Boy Norse N/A
Inger Girl Swedish N/A