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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Hinetitama Girl Maori Dawn maiden
Hinewai Girl Maori Water maiden
Honorine Girl Latin Honored
Idaline Girl Germanic Work
Iduvine Girl Spanish Devoted
Igraine Girl English N/A
Ine Girl Japanese Rice plant
Inebar Both Hebrew Amber
Inell Girl English N/A
Inès Girl Greek Chaste
Inesh Boy Sanskrit Strong king
Inesha Boy Sanskrit Strong king
Inessa Girl Greek Chaste
Inez Girl Greek Chaste
Irvine Boy English Green water; boa...
Isaline Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Iseline Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Jacobine Girl Hebrew Supplanted; held...
Jacoline Girl Hebrew Supplanter
Jacomine Girl Hebrew Supplanted; held...
Jacqueline Girl Hebrew Supplanter
Jacquemine Girl Hebrew Supplanter
Jadine Girl English Precious green s...
Jaineba Girl African N/A
Jainendra Boy Sanskrit Lord of the Jainas
Janine Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Jantine Girl Dutch God is forgiving
Jaqueline Girl Hebrew Supplanter
Jarine Girl American E... N/A
Jasmine Girl Persian Jasmine